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Low-Power 2016

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Improve Tab to Terminal Connections in Battery Pack Manufacturing

Geoff Shannon, Amada Miyachi America, Inc.

Battery packs have become an integral part of everyday life, powering a growing range of portable electronic devices, cordless power tools, energy storage, and hybrid and electric vehicles. Tab to terminal connection welding is one of the key battery pack manufacturing applications. Manufacturers need equipment, systems, and automated lines that meet quality and production requirements for these products. Both resistance and laser products are well suited to integration into production lines that may be either standalone or automated operation. To maintain the required throughput that offers high quality and yields, users must have a clear understanding of which process is best for the particular battery pack size, tab and terminal material, type, and thickness. In addition, the selected process and integration solution should include process monitoring, process data management, and weld quality assessment. <read more>

























Low-Power 2016

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Battery Power 2017Battery Power 2017 is currently accepting abstracts for its  annual event, May 17-18 in Dallas, Texas. The international event is focused on latest developments and technologies in the battery industry, including  mobile/portable, wearable battery technology, as well as battery manufacturing, materials and research & development. The conference provides an excellent forum to discuss new developments in technology, market conditions and end-user requirements that are driving innovation, capabilities and features, application trends and performance improvements.

Attendees include top executives, technical managers and engineering professionals from original equipment manufacturers, end users and integrators, battery manufacturers and component providers.

Conference sessions should be technical and educational while providing examples of cutting edge technology and application strategies. End-users presenting about any innovative project they may be involved in will be given priority on the show program.

Call for Presentation Deadline November 22nd.

  New Products

New Three Phase Industrial Battery Chargers for Transportation Applications
APSApplied Power Systems (APS), an industry leader in power conversion and energy storage solutions,  introduced its latest series of three phase industrial battery chargers for transportation applications.
The APS programmable SmartCharger series support multiple battery chemistries with customer selectable charge profiles to handle Lead-Acid, NiCad, NiMH and Li-Ion battery types. 

These compact, high frequency chargers employ an innovative design resulting in higher efficiency, while providing superior performance to low frequency, phase controlled chargers. These smaller, lighter chargers consume less power and offer improved input power factor, leading to reduced power consumption and energy costs.

Smart Charger series incorporate built in diagnostics with fault protection features along with an OLED display for improved usability.   Charger operating status and fault annunciation is displayed along with output voltage and current, which is also available via remote communication interface.

Rugged, reliable, field proven design is built to withstand the harsh environments of motive power applications.  Standard models accept three phase AC input with options available to accept DC input power.  Added options include an internal data logger with nonvolatile storage of operating history, downloadable to customer.

Applied Power Systems, Inc. is an industry leading manufacturer of advanced power conversion products, power electronic controls and high power semiconductor thermal management solutions. APS Power products include IGBT Inverter Stacks, AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC Converters, AC Phase Controllers, Battery Chargers, High Power Rectifier Bridges,  Power Supplies for on-board Rail Applications, Motor Drives & Controls, high power semiconductor assemblies and specialized inverter systems.

More information is available at www.appliedps.com.  

High Sensitivity, Fast, Reliable Tracer Gas Leak Detection

PfeifferThe Pfeiffer Vacuum ASI 35 modular leak detector is ideally suited for integration into semi/fully automatic assembly and test systems, providing the flexibility to position the leak detection modules in the optimal position for speed, service and reliability. The unit detects both helium (5x10-12 mbar.l/s) and hydrogen and can be used in either vacuum or sniffer mode with the highest sensitivity. It offers flexibility in testing of demanding industrial samples with minimum signal background and crosstalk, providing for fast overall cycle times. The ASI 35 is supplied with a full color touch panel with SD card for easy setup and system diagnostics. With a comprehensive I/O and Profibus, Ethernet, USB, WiFi, interfaces the ASI 35 addresses all application requirements.


The modular design of the ASI 35 minimizes space requirements and maximizes integration options. Only two cables are needed to connect the vacuum and electronic modules. The electronics module is suitable for universal voltage, making the ASI 35 easy to integrate into systems designated for worldwide operation. The leak detector is designed for working conditions in ambient temperatures up to 45°C.


The ASI 35 features a low maintenance turbopump for high helium pumping speed, dual independent long-life filaments as well as its state-of-the-art electronics, ensuring trouble-free operation. The ASI 35 sustains very high throughput and ensures the accuracy and reproducibility of the measurement results as well as fast cycle times as short as 1 second. Sniffing mode performance makes the ASI 35 the perfect leak detector when multipoint leak checking is needed.

Phihong Releases Rugged 1.8kVA AC Inverter with Integral Li-ion Battery Charger for Power Tool & Motor Start Applications

Phihong, a global supplier of OEM power solutions, has released a compact, portable 1.8kVA inverter with an integral battery charger designed with four standard lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery packs.<read more>


Panasonic Introduces Pin Type Lithium Ion Battery

Panasonic Corp. has developed a Pin Type Lithium Ion battery (CG-320A, nominal capacity 15.0 mAh) with a diameter of 3.65 mm and a weight of 0.6g.

<read more>


Low Voltage/High Current Battery Charge/Discharge Test System from NH Research, Inc.
NH Research, Inc. (NHR) has released its 9220 series Low Voltage/High Current Battery Charge/Discharge Test System (Dual Bay). This 9220 series Dual Bay Test System is designed for testing all battery chemistries including lead-acid, lead-cadmium and other low voltage, high current, large format batteries (LFB) typically used in energy storage systems (ESS).<read more>

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  Industry News

Sion Power Delivers Next Generation Battery Performance Through Patented Licerion Technology

Sion Power has announced the achievement of highly pursued next generation battery performance with its patented Licerion technology.<read more>


GE Unveils World’s First Battery Storage & Gas Turbine Hybrid with Southern California Edison
GE and longtime customer Southern California Edison (SCE) have announced a plan to install the world’s first battery storage and gas turbine hybrid.<read more>


Saft Helps Brasilia Substations Switch to Reliable Maintenance-Free Nickel Battery Backup Systems
Saft  has been awarded a major contract by the Brazilian power utility CEB (Companhia Energetica de Brasilia) to design, manufacture and supply maintenance-free nickel backup battery systems for all 34 distribution substations serving Brasilia, the country’s capital city. <read more>


Event Listings



LowPower 2016Low-Power 2016

November 3-4
Las Vegas, Nev.

Low-Power 2016 is an international conference highlighting the latest developments in low-power functionality and systems in portable & mobile electronics, medical & wellness devices, wearables, sensing, instrumentation and energy management.


Conference topics will include designing for low power, wireless charging, energy harvesting, low-power sensing, enabling smart & mobile apps, ICs, embedded electronics, power for mobility and the Internet of Things, new market opportunities and certification & testing.


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