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Assessment of Performance and Safety on Lithium Ion Pouch Battery Under Various Test Conditions

Joshua Su, Sr. Engineering Manager • HZO

In recent years, lithium ion polymer cells in pouch format have found increasing use in portable consumer electronics. They are commonly being referred to as lithium polymer cells (hereafter referred as Li-Poly), although these cells are not of the true polymer types. Compared to conventional batteries such as nickel cadmium systems, Li-Poly cell designs provide the highest specific energy (>220 Wh/kg) and energy density (>450 Wh/L) of all commercially available designs. <read more>














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NetzschHow to Improve Battery Safety? Find Out in the Free Online Seminar

Light-weight, high power density cells have dramatically changed the technology landscape over the last 20 years.  In particular, Li-Ion cells have taken a leading role in providing the portable power necessary for these technologies.  These same Li-ion cells have also been a source of many well documented  “thermal runaway” events.  The cost of these events have been dramatic for both cell manufacturer and their added-value partners.  Adiabatic calorimetry has been the tool most often used to characterize cells and measure thermal runaway.  The online seminar will focus on adiabatic calorimetry, its strengths and limitations, and its application to small and large cells and packs. 

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Expanding Technology for Advanced Battery Applications & Fuel Cells

dexmetDexmet has taken the “Expanding Technology” to the next generation of advancements, the micro-mesh material manufactured by Dexmet is infinitely variable, and the proprietary equipment developed anddesigned at Dexmet produces expanded material with smaller holes than anyone else and produces material that is thinner than anyone else in our marketplace. The expansion process produces a very consistent product as far as open area, hole size and conductivity.


Dexmet expanded materials are perfect for Advanced Batteries Applications and Fuel Cells, especially where you are using multi stacks of materials and you need consistent conductivity from stack to stack also the expansion process is more cost effective unlike perforated material.

The expansion process allows you to yield higher amounts of material than what you put in, this is especially important when your application requires expensive materials like platinum, niobium, zirconium and titanium.

Bloggers Needed for 2016
Battery Power is looking for knowledgeable professionals in the  industry who’d like to contribute to our online community. Blogs will be featured on the Battery Power website and in the bi-weekly eNewsletter. Contributors can submit as often as they choose; just once, once a month, or anywhere in between. Bloggers will receive a free button ad (125×125) in newsletter in which the blog appears.

Space is limited so contact Shannon Given today to secure your spot.

  New Products

TI Delivers 16-Cell Integrated Li-Ion Monitor and Protector for Hybrids, Electric Vehicles and Grid Storage
Texas Instruments (TI)  has introduced an integrated battery monitor and protector to measure 16 battery cells at one time. <read more>


Compact and Rugged 1,600 Watt Converters and Battery Chargers for Severe Environmental Conditions
Schaefer, Inc. has introduced the C/B 4500 series of 6U DC/DC and AC/DC converter modules and battery chargers that delivers up to 1,600W of output power. <read more>

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World's Largest Ultra-Fast EV Charging Station Goes Live in Beijing, Fully Charging Commercial Vehicles in 10 Minutes
Equipped with Microvast's ultra-fast charging battery, a Foton electric bus stops by a charging point after a few loops of operation. Trained staff plug in the charger and within 10 to 15 minutes the electric bus's battery is refilled to maximum operating capacity and ready to go again.

<read more>


Ontario IESO Contracts for Large Scale Flow Battery Storage with SunEdison
SunEdison, Inc. has signed a 10-year agreement with Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator to supply 5 megawatts, 20 megawatt-hours, of battery storage to the province. The Ontario IESO works at the heart of Ontario's power system, and is responsible for making sure everyone in the province gets the electricity they need, when they need it. <read more>


K2 Energy Solutions, Inc. Awarded a Navy Phase I SBIR for LFP Prismatic Cell
K2 Energy Solutions, Inc., (K2) has been awarded a US Navy Phase I SBIR for the development of a Lithium Iron Phosphate prismatic cell capable of supporting a number of anticipated Navy high power applications. <read more>


Event Listings

CriticalPowerCritical Power 2016
April 13-14
Schaumburg, Ill.

Critical Power 2016 has announced the preliminary program for its 2nd annual event, April 13-14 in Schaumburg, Illinois. The conference addresses needs of managers and technical professionals involved in operations where reliable and continuous power is a critical factor, including data centers, industrial and manufacturing facilities, military, laboratories, healthcare, financial institutes, telecom and disaster recovery.

Critical Power 2016 has a


Join the Keynote panel. Seeking critical power managers to discuss needs at their facilities: power systems used, monitoring, energy efficiency, lessons learned. Contact Shannon Given for details.


Preliminary Program:

  • The Role IoT will play in the Facility of the Future Blue Pillar

  • Intelligent Power Distribution in the Data Center Enlogic Systems

  • Replacing Uninterruptible Power Supplies with Automatic Transfer SwitchesTSi Power Corp.

  • Clean Energy Back-Up Power Solutions: The Role of Advanced Fuel Cell Technology in Protecting 21st Century Critical Facilities and NetworksAltergy Systems

  • Designing for Critical Power ReliabilityASCO Power Technologies

  • Harnessing IoT and Predictive Analytics for Uninterrupted Service and Superior Energy ManagementOntegrity

  • Protecting Your Business Efficiently With Rotary UPSHitec Power Protection, Inc.

  • Increasing Data Center Resilience While Lowering PUEFieldView Solutions


Battery Power 2016Battery Power 2016 Call for Presentations
August 3-4
Denver, Colo.

Battery Power 2016 is currently accepting abstracts. The international event is focused on latest developments and technologies in the battery industry, including  mobile, wearable, stationary, critical power and EV battery technology, as well as battery manufacturing, materials and research & development. Topics will include new battery designs, improving power management, predicting battery life and regulation and safety issues. Other topics include OEM/end user requirements, battery authentication and market trends.


The conference provides an excellent forum to discuss new developments in technology, market conditions and end-user requirements that are driving innovation, capabilities and features, application trends and performance improvements.


End-users presenting about any innovative project they may be involved in will be given priority on the show program.


Click here for additional information.

APECPlan to Attend APEC 2016
March 20-24
Long Beach, Calif.

APEC 2016 continues the long-standing tradition of addressing issues of immediate and long-term interest to the practicing power electronics engineer.

  • The best power electronics exposition
  • Professional development courses taught by world-class experts
  • Presentations of peer-reviewed technical papers covering a wide range of topics
  • One of the lowest registration costs of any IEEE conference




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