July 2015


Battery Power 2015 Presentation Spotlights



Li-Ion Safety from an Application Perspective
Carl Gallenson, VP Engineering • iTECH

Growth in the medical market for mobility has driven battery applications into patient monitoring and un-tethered procedural tools. Additionally, medical device are now commonly backed up with batteries as well, this is especially important were power is unreliable. Safety is generally discussed from the standpoint of meeting a basic agency requirement such as UL or DOT. We are underscoring that applications have safety requirements which exist in addition to typical certification agencies. <read more>

Wireless Charging of Wearable Devices
Bill von Novak, Principal Engineer • Qualcomm

With the advent of the Apple watch and other wearables, the need for easy charging of small wearable devices is becoming self-evident.  Wireless charging offers benefits in terms of connector placement and ability to provide a waterproof seal. An overview of the capabilities of wireless charging as applied to wearables and other small devices will give attendees a good feel for what wireless charging can bring to their small battery powered devices.  <read more>


Hardware Authentication for Batteries and Counterfeit Prevention
Robert P. Rozario, Marketing Manager • Infineon Technologies North America Corp.

Hardware Authentication for batteries and accessories has been used mainly to prevent counterfeit batteries and to protect revenue and profit streams for a while. Recent innovations in battery/charging technology like fast charging, high energy density batteries, new battery chemistry, USB Power Delivery (USB PD), etc. demands hardware authentication for not only protecting from counterfeit components but also to protect the system and user environment from human errors, malicious software, etc. <read more>














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High Precision Battery Test System Regenerates Battery Discharge Back to the Mains
ChromaChroma’s 17020 System is a high precision, regenerative solution for secondary battery module and pack testing. Accurate source and measurement performs exact, reliable testing critical for incoming or outgoing inspection, capacity, performance, production and qualification testing. The system regenerates battery discharge and recycles the energy either to channels performing a charging function or back to the utility mains reducing cost of operation and thermal foot print.

The 17020 system’s independent channels supports dedicated charge/discharge tests on multiple battery packs each featuring discrete test characteristics. Channels can be paralleled to support higher current requirements providing flexibility between high channel count and high current testing. Charge/discharge mode simulates real world conditions and creates seamless transitions with a rapid 10mS conversion.


Flexible programming functions coupled with Battery Pro Software allows user to create cycling tests from basic charge or discharge, to complex drive cycle testing. Battery Pro's features allow quick and intuitive test development eliminating the need for programming.

Battery PowerLeading Portable Power Event Only Two Weeks Away

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Battery Power 2015 is only two weeks away! Register for the conference and book your hotel today to take advantage of some exclusive offers. Battery manufacturers, OEMs and end-users will use Battery Power 2015 to learn about the latest technologies available to power mobile and portable electronics. Use the event to network with industry leaders and develop new business leads.


More than 20 technical sessions from industry leaders such as Qualcomm, ICCN+Palladium, Underwriters Laboratory and SGS North America, Inc. will cover topics such as wireless power, standards & regulations, testing, power management and new battery developments.


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  New Products

PROG_PD9145AL-Lithium-Battery-ChargerLithium-Ion Battery Converter/Charger
A lithium-ion battery converter/charger, the Inteli-Power 9100L series, is available from Progressive Dynamics, Inc.  These 12 volt and 24 volt lithium-ion battery converter/chargers are designed to meet the stringent voltages required for properly charging and maintaining lithium batteries.  Lithium-ion batteries require special balancing circuits and chargers to prevent overcharging a cell or discharging too much.

Standard features of the Inteli-Power 9100L series converter/chargers include reverse battery protection, electronic current limiting, low line and high voltage protection and a variable speed intelligent cooling fan.  Units also deliver filtered DC power to the lithium-ion battery to ensure the built-in electronic balancing circuits operate properly.  Output voltage can be factory adjusted to meet OEM requirements for various lithium-ion battery chemistries and voltages.

These converter/chargers are designed for lithium-ion batteries, that typically store three to four times the energy of a lead/acid battery within the same space, with less weight. Contact Progressive Dynamics, Inc. for more information.


Bidirectional Switches Protect 1-Cell and 2-Cell Lithium Batteries During Charging

Diodes, Inc. has introduced the DMN2014LHAB and DMN2011UFX. These dual N-channel enhancement mode MOSFETs provide compact, bi-directional low-loss switches for battery-charging circuits. End-markets include chargers for portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras and media players, which use 1-cell and 2-cell lithium batteries. <read more>


High Efficiency Buck-Boost Regulator for Wearables and Other Mobile Devices
Intersil Corp.  has announced the ISL9120, a buck-boost switching regulator that enables efficient power management of system power supplies and peripherals such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, memory cards or LCD modules. <read more>


Dexmet Corp. Adds Line of Materials for Use in Lithium Ion Applications
Dexmet develops MicroGrid and PolyGrid precision expanded foils and polymers for high-performance applications and is now able to offer materials down to 25 micron  in both aluminum and copper at widths up to 305 mm. <read more>


See More New Products Online
Batteries ChargingICs & Semiconductors ComponentsTesting

  Industry News

Gridtential Wins DOE Support for Validation Analysis at Sandia National Labs
Gridtential Energy, Inc., a provider of low-cost, high-performance energy storage technology, has been selected by the Department of Energy (DOE) as one of a handful of companies to pursue validation analysis at Sandia's Energy Storage Analysis Laboratory. The grant is designed to further the DOE's strategic mission in the area of grid storage and coincides with Gridtential's completion of 140 alpha units based on its Silicon Joule technology. <read more>


Saft Li-ion Battery to Power the ExoMars Rover as it Searches for Life on the Red Planet
Saft has signed a contract from Airbus Defence and Space Ltd (UK) to develop, qualify and test a specific lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery system to power the ExoMars Rover vehicle. The Rover is the key component of the ExoMars Programme, run jointly by the European Space Agency (ESA) and Roscosmos, the Russian Federal Space Agency. Thales Alenia Space Italia SpA is the ExoMars prime contractor. <read more>


FreeWire Partners with Siemens to Make EV Charging for Businesses Easier and Faster to Deploy
FreeWire Technologies, Inc. and Siemens are partnering to pilot and commercialize the Mobi Charger, employing the Siemens eCar Operation Center (OC) and the Siemens VersiCharge electric vehicle-charging technology. <read more>


NEMA Publishes ANSI C18.1M, Part 1 American National Standard for Portable Primary Cells and Batteries with Aqueous Electrolyte—General and Specifications
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published ANSI C18.1M, Part 1 American National Standard for Portable Primary Cells and Batteries with Aqueous Electrolyte—General and Specifications. It applies to portable primary cells and batteries with aqueous electrolyte and a zinc anode (non-lithium). <read more>


Event Listings

Battery Power 2015 Workshops

Battery Power 2015 provides attendees with a once a year opportunity to get in-depth training during the pre-conference workshops. Workshops will take place on August 4th. Space is limited and typically sell out. Register today for one of these exceptional learning sessions.


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Lithium Battery Shipping: The Constant State of Flux, What Do I Need to Know?
Presented by LabelMaster Services
This workshop will discuss how regulations for transporting lithium battery powered equipment continue to cause various headaches for shippers. The frustration shippers experience when shipping lithium batteries due to continuously changing regulations and inconsistent interpretations. Bob and Jim will provide an update of the latest regulatory changes and discuss how these can impact lithium battery and battery powered equipment shipments. They will discuss what you need to know in order to properly prepare and ship your lithium batteries and equipment to meet compliance and ensure they are safe. They will share experiences that they have had with frustrated shipments experienced by large and small businesses and provide advice on how to minimize delays.


Lithium-Ion Battery Tutorial
Presented by Battery Design LLC

This full day course surveys all aspects of lithium-ion batteries ranging from materials and processes, to cell designs. A thorough overview of the issues involved in life estimation, thermal behavior, and abuse tolerance is provided. How to design lithium-ion cells is discussed in detail with an emphasis on comparing different chemistries. This course is aimed at managers, engineers and scientists interested in getting a good overview of lithium-ion technology as well as learning how to design lithium-ion cells. No prior knowledge of lithium-ion batteries is assumed.

BatteryShowThe Battery Show
September 15-17
Novi, Mich.


Taking place September 15-17, 2015, in Novi, Detroit, Michigan, The Battery Show 2015 is the premier showcase of the latest advanced battery technology. The exhibition hall offers a platform to launch new products, make new contacts and maintain existing relationships. With more qualified buyers and decision makers than any other event in North America, The Battery Show 2015 is the key to unlocking your future business opportunities.

The Battery Show is attended by technical leaders, scientists, engineers, project leaders, buyers and senior executives concerned with advanced energy storage and will host the very latest advanced battery solutions for electric & hybrid vehicles, utility & renewable energy support, portable electronics, medical technology, military and telecommunications.


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