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Wearable Medical Devices Embrace Lithium Polymer Cells
Jeffrey VanZwol, VP, Business Development, Chris Turner, VP, Technology
ICCNexergy, Inc.

During the past few years, there has been an increase in demand for wearable devices from an audience both young and old. Some medical devices provide preventative functions, such as monitoring disorders, enabling early intervention and avoidance of complications. Other devices are reactive and can detect if an elderly patient has fallen, needs emergency assistance, has wandered outside a specific perimeter, or needs a reminder to take prescribed medications at the appropriate time of the day. Still other wearables allow consumers of all ages to monitor their own health and fitness, whether to help them lose weight, reach exercise/fitness goals or sleep better. <read more>


Protecting Batteries that Protect Your Power System
Wally Vahlstrom, Director of Technical Services
Emerson Network Power, Electrical Reliability Services

According to the US Department of Energy, reported electric emergency incidents and disturbances are on the rise with approximately 23 percent more events reported last year as compared to 2013. These outages or disturbances can cost facilities thousands or even millions of dollars if their emergency power systems do not immediately switch on and provide back-up power. <read more>
















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High Precision Battery Test System Regenerates Battery Discharge Back to the Mains
ChromaChroma’s 17020 System is a high precision, regenerative solution for secondary battery module and pack testing. Accurate source and measurement performs exact, reliable testing critical for incoming or outgoing inspection, capacity, performance, production and qualification testing. The system regenerates battery discharge and recycles the energy either to channels performing a charging function or back to the utility mains reducing cost of operation and thermal foot print.

The 17020 system’s independent channels supports dedicated charge/discharge tests on multiple battery packs each featuring discrete test characteristics. Channels can be paralleled to support higher current requirements providing flexibility between high channel count and high current testing. Charge/discharge mode simulates real world conditions and creates seamless transitions with a rapid 10mS conversion.


Flexible programming functions coupled with Battery Pro Software allows user to create cycling tests from basic charge or discharge, to complex drive cycle testing. Battery Pro's features allow quick and intuitive test development eliminating the need for programming.

Expanding Technology for Advanced Battery Applications & Fuel Cells

dexmetDexmet has taken the “Expanding Technology” to the next generation of advancements, the micro-mesh material manufactured by Dexmet is infinitely variable, and the proprietary equipment developed anddesigned at Dexmet produces expanded material with smaller holes than anyone else and produces material that is thinner than anyone else in our marketplace. The expansion process produces a very consistent product as far as open area, hole size and conductivity.


Dexmet expanded materials are perfect for Advanced Batteries Applications and Fuel Cells, especially where you are using multi stacks of materials and you need consistent conductivity from stack to stack also the expansion process is more cost effective unlike perforated material.

The expansion process allows you to yield higher amounts of material than what you put in, this is especially important when your application requires expensive materials like platinum, niobium, zirconium and titanium.

  New Products

CadexSave 10 Percent on the Purchase of a New C8000 Advanced Battery Test System

Purchase a new C8000 battery test system before June 30, 2015 to save 10 percent($995) on C8000 system and qualifying accessories. Simply quote promo code "CDX-C800015". Deploy the C8000 as a powerful laboratory system. Monitor cell balance of battery packs, read SMBus, capture load signatures and use the simulated load as discharge protocol. Digital technology delivers stability and a large test range in a compact housing. Advanced algorithm provides redundant safety. By all imagination, the Cadex C8000 may well be the most advanced and complete battery testing system ever built. Contact Cadex to locate a dealer near you: 604-231-7777.


Highly Integrated 2.5A Backup Power Manager Simplifies Li-Ion Battery Backup Systems
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LTC4040, a complete lithium battery backup power management system for 3.5 V to 5 V supply rails that must be kept active during a main power failure. <read more>


Alpha Technologies Solves the Small Cell Power Dilemma

Alpha Technologies Ltd. has launched a new power system that addresses the major challenges associated with powering outdoor Small Cells. <read more>


Hirose Develops 150 Amp Single-Circuit Storage Battery Connector
Hirose  has introduced the PS3C series connector, a high power, single circuit (position) cable connector supporting 150 Amps for storage battery applications. <read more>


Battery Pack Design & Integrates Cell Technology and Battery Management

Custom engineered and manufactured lithium battery packs and battery management systems for medical, industrial, military, robotics and R&D OEMs are being introduced by Aved Electronics, Inc. <read more>


Delta-Q Technologies Announces Production Start for QuiQ 1500 Industrial Battery Charger
Delta-Q Technologies QuiQ1500 Industrial Battery Charger has begun full-scale production. The QuiQ 1500 is a higher-power, 1500-watt addition to the QuiQ series of industrial battery chargers. <read more>


See More New Products Online
Batteries ChargingICs & Semiconductors ComponentsTesting

  Industry News

Beckett Energy Systems Advanced Technology Battery Module Demonstrates 10-Year Cycle Life Powered By Boston-Power Lithium-Ion Cells
Beckett Energy Systems (BES) has announced that its 24 volt large format lithium-ion module has reached a significant long cycle life milestone that further supports its use as a  solution for emerging advanced energy products. <read more>


A123 Systems to Double Global Manufacturing Capacity
A123 Systems LLC, a developer and manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion batteries and systems, has announced its plan to double global manufacturing capacity to 1.5 GWh within the next three years. <read more>


Li-Ion Battery Market in Japan 2015-2019 - Declining Cost Trend of Li-Ion Battery

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Li-Ion Battery Market in Japan 2015-2019" report to their offering. The analysts forecast the Li-Ion Battery market in Japan to grow at a CAGR of 20.6 percent over the period 2014-2019. <read more>


Quad Industries is New Licensee for Manufacturing Enfucell SoftBattery
Enfucell is a new license partnership with Quad Industries. Enfucell is building a partner network for offering suitable manufacturing capability for various volumes and customer requirements. <read more>


PowerGenix Nickel-Zinc Battery Passes Critical Testing for 12V Automotive Use
PowerGenix, a supplier automotive Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) batteries, has completed a comprehensive product evaluation test plan with Institute of Automotive Mechatronics GmbH (IAM), a part of the Institute of Automotive Technologies Dresden (IAD), at the Technische Universität Dresden (TUD).IAD evaluated NiZn performance capabilities to meet all the requirements of a 12 V auxiliary power unit for plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) and all-electric vehicles (EVs), as well as a 12V starter battery for stop-start applications. <read more>


Event Listings

Battery PowerBattery Power 2015 Full Agenda Available

Join leading design engineer, OEMs, end-users and battery manufacturers at Battery Power 2015, August 5-6 in Denver, Colo. The event will provide OEM and mobile device engineers the tools and technologies to get the most from their mobile devices: from new battery designs to wireless charging.


Register Today - Team and OEM discounts are available.

Keynote Session

  • Global Demand for Li-Ion Batteries Through 2020, Frost & Sullivan

Standards & Regulations

  • South of the Border – Navigating the Battery Regulations in South America, SGS North America, Inc.

  • Shipping Lithium Batteries: Hysteria and New Regulations, Labelmaster Services

  • A Review of America ’s First Step Towards the Harmonization of Portable Battery Standards: UL62133, Energy Assurance LLC

  • Navigating the Battery Standards Landscape for Canada, CSA Group

  • Battery Take Back: Old Legislation and New Challenges, 1C Consulting

Battery Developments

  • Innovations Toward Flexible Li-Ion Batteries, French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA ), Solay S.A.

  • The Inherent Safety of Solid State Batteries, Solid Power, Inc.

  • Innovations in Powering Medical Devices, ICCNexergy

Charging Systems

  • Float Charging and its Effects on Lithium Ion Cells: What Can We Learn, Exponent

  • Proposal for Specifying Power-Transfer Efficiency for a Wireless Power Charging System, The Wireless Power Consortium

  • Progress and Trends in Effective Implementation of Wireless Charging, NuCurrent

  • Wireless Charging of Wearable Devices, Qualcomm

Performance & Safety

  • NTSB Boeing 787 Investigation: Lessons Learned, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

  • Maximize Battery Performance and Lifetime Using Big Data, Voltaiq, Inc.

  • Lithium Cell Calorimetry for Safety Evaluation, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division

  • Li-Ion Safety from an Application Perspective, iTECH


  • Resettable TCOs for Lithium Batteries Offer Laser Welding/Insulation Capabilities, TE Circuit Protection

  • Decoupling Battery Runtime Anxiety with High Energy Density Supercapacitors, Paper Battery Company

  • Latent Heat Storage Based Thermal Management Materials for Li-Ion Batteries, Outlast Technologies, LLC


  • Hardware Authentication for Batteries and Counterfeit Prevention, Infineon Technologies North America Corp.

  • A New Sense for BMS Safety Detecting Volatile Gases, ams

  • The Argument for Intelligent Batteries, Microchip Technology, Inc.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Battery Power 2015 provides attendees with a once a year opportunity to get in-depth training during the pre-conference workshops. Workshops will take place on August 4th. Space is limited and typically sell out. Register today for one of these exceptional learning sessions.


Lithium Battery Shipping: The Constant State of Flux, What Do I Need to Know?
Presented by LabelMaster Services

This workshop will discuss how regulations for transporting lithium battery powered equipment continue to cause various headaches for shippers. The frustration shippers experience when shipping lithium batteries due to continuously changing regulations and inconsistent interpretations. Bob and Jim will provide an update of the latest regulatory changes and discuss how these can impact lithium battery and battery powered equipment shipments. They will discuss what you need to know in order to properly prepare and ship your lithium batteries and equipment to meet compliance and ensure they are safe. They will share experiences that they have had with frustrated shipments experienced by large and small businesses and provide advice on how to minimize delays.


Lithium-Ion Battery Tutorial
Presented by Battery Design LLC

This full day course surveys all aspects of lithium-ion batteries ranging from materials and processes, to cell designs. A thorough overview of the issues involved in life estimation, thermal behavior, and abuse tolerance is provided. How to design lithium-ion cells is discussed in detail with an emphasis on comparing different chemistries. This course is aimed at managers, engineers and scientists interested in getting a good overview of lithium-ion technology as well as learning how to design lithium-ion cells. No prior knowledge of lithium-ion batteries is assumed.


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