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What Everyone Should Know About Battery Chargers

Isidor Buchmann, CEO & FounderCadex Electronics Inc.

A good charger provides the base for well-performing and durable batteries. In a price-competitive market chargers often receive low priority. The battery and charger must go together like horse and carriage, and this is not always the case. Engineers are often not fully aware of the complex power requirement of a portable device and the need to charge under adverse conditions. <read more>














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alberAlber delivers the battery monitoring solutions you need. The Alber BDSU-50 delivers new technology and added features with the quality you’ve come to rely on!
• Real time battery monitoring for 12V/16V up to 50 modules in series
• Save time and money by automating the IEEE Recommended Practices for Battery Maintenance and Testing
• Increase reliability with 24x7 data collection, analysis and remote alarm notification


Real Time Data Capture
• Overall String Voltage
• Individual Cell Temperatures (Option)
• Discharge and Float  Currents
• Thermal Runaway Management
• Individual Cell Voltages
• Ambient Temperature
• AC Ripple Current

System Advantages and Features
• New patented DC test verifies the integrity of the entire  battery system.
- Internal Cell Resistance Test (Battery State of Health)
- Intertier Connection Resistance Test
- Mid-String Disconnect Switch Resistance
• No onsite computer is required for  data collection and alarming Multiple remote communication options
• Easily integrates to building management systems
• Manage your battery assets  across multiple sites with the Battery Xplorer Enterprise software
• Self-Calibrating

Critical PowerWhen Losing Power Isn't an Option

From hospitals and emergency services to financial institutions and manufacturing centers, power outages and fluctuations are not an option. At best, companies suffer from lost productivity, idled manpower, delivery penalties, damage to work in progress and equipment malfunction or damage.

Critical power failures cost US businesses more than $150 billion annually. This has revolutionized the solutions and technologies for dealing with the threat of power outage and power quality fluctuations at virtually all data centers, industrial, commercial, institutional and government facilities.

At Critical Power 2015, May 13-14 in Milwaukee, Wis. you will discover the best strategies and solutions available and how they can be integrated into your operations.

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  New Products

QuickSort3 (QS3) Test System

CadexCadex Electronics Inc. has announced the global availability of its new QuickSort3 (QS3) test system for single cell mobile phone batteries up to 5,000 mAh. The Cadex C5100 utilizes QS3 to check the battery at storefront with a 30-second test.


“Our customers have been asking for a reliable solution to quickly test higher capacity batteries and QS3 delivers,” said Bruce Adams, Cadex Vice President of Sales. “This platform will enable our retail partners to better serve their customers by eliminating the guesswork in giving the battery a clear assessment.”

The Cadex C5100 is a storefront battery analyzer that allows staff to test mobile phone batteries from 500–5,000mAh with little training. QuickSort3 classifies batteries into GOOD, FAIR and POOR using patented Cadex technology. The program accepts partially charged batteries and applies a brief charge if low. Visit www.cadex.com to learn more about the C5100 POS Analyzer.


Keystone “Auto-In/EZ-Out” 2032 Coin Cell Holder

KeystoneFor automatic insertion and easy removal of 2032 Coin Cells from dense PCBs, the “Auto-In/EZ-Out” holder features a condensed footprint, low profile design and easy release tabs for tool-free removal.  These polarized holders feature dual-spring, Gold plated, Phosphor Bronze and Stainless Steel contacts in a glass filled LCP UL 94V-0 base.  Designed for vacuum/mechanical pick-and-place assemblies.  Available in bulk or on tape and reel. 


Kenworth Introduces Advanced Charge Start System

Kenworth has announced advanced technology for enhanced protection against battery drainage. The system provides a dedicated engine start module and an inverter for increased performance. <read more>


TE Connectivity's MHP-TAM Series Offers Compact Thermal Protection for Lithium Batteries Used in Ultra-Thin Portable Consumer Electronics

Battery applications designers are tasked with meeting increasingly stringent safety standards for ultra-thin notebooks and other portable consumer electronics powered by high-capacity lithium polymer and prismatic cells. In response, TE Connectivity's business unit, TE Circuit Protection, introduces the MHP-TAM series. <read more>


ams Launches Integrated Power Management Solution for Wearable Devices
ams AG, provider of high performance sensors and analog ICs, has introduced the AS3701, an integrated power management unit with an especially small footprint for use in wearables and other space-constrained devices. <read more>

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  Industry News

Saft Batteries Provide Critical Backup to Crim Sales & Engineering for Utilities
Saft has been awarded a contract by Crim Sales & Engineering, Inc. Under the contract, Saft has already delivered nearly 30 lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery systems to provide traditional power generating units deployed at a major Southeast utility with critical backup for process controls. <read more>


3M Invests in Nanoscale Components, Inc.
3M has announced  its investment in Nanoscale Components Inc. The New Hampshire-based company is known for its economical process designed to increase lithium content in lithium-ion battery anodes. The investment will expand the adoption of 3M’s unique silicon alloy anode into lithium-ion batteries. <read more>


Battery Solutions Partners with Refind Technologies to Become the First US Recycler with Automatic Battery Sorting
Battery Solution, LLC and Refind Technologies have entered into an agreement to acquire Refind’s state-of-the-art battery sorting technology. Battery Solutions is the first US based company to invest in automated sorting and data collection technology to manage waste batteries. <read more>


UL Announces New Standard for Products Using Lithium Button or Coin Cell Batteries
UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a global safety science leader, announces the creation of a new Standard for Safety for products that incorporate button or coin cell batteries using lithium technology. The new standard, UL 4200A, applies only to household-type products requiring these batteries that are used in areas where children are normally present. <read more>


Event Listings

Stay on the Forefront of Advanced Battery Technology

From consumer electronics to medical devices, mobile devices are an integral part of everyday life. Improving the consumer experience with longer battery life and convenient charging can give companies a competitive edge. Join industry leaders at Battery Power 2015 to discuss the best practices to improve your power needs.

Battery PowerBattery Power 2015 is designed for OEM design engineers, system engineers, technical and management professionals involved in mobile battery powered products. Presentation topics include power management, wireless charging, testing & safety, as well as the latest market trends.

“With billions of dollars being spent every year on consumer electronics and the trend to integrate wireless charging into main-stream America, it is more important than ever for design engineers to develop products that live up to consumer expectations,” said Shannon Given, program manager of Battery Power 2015. “With devices such as tablets and smart phones, design engineers are seeking ways to improve battery life while reducing the battery footprint. Staying ahead of new shipping regulations will also save manufacturers and OEMs time and money. Battery Power 2015 addresses these topics and others impacting mobile devices.”

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Sessions Include

  • Wireless Charging of Wearable Devices • Qualcomm

  • Proposal for Specifying Power-Transfer Efficiency for a Wireless Power Charging System • The Wireless Power Consortium

  • Innovations in Powering Medical Devices • ICCNexergy

  • Global Demand for Li-Ion Batteries Through 2020 • Frost & Sullivan

  • South of the Border – Navigating the Battery Regulations in South America • SGS North America, Inc.

  • Navigating the Battery Standards Landscape for Canada • CSA Group

  • Shipping Lithium Batteries: Hysteria and New Regulations • Labelmaster Services

  • Innovations Toward Flexible Li-ion Batteries • CEA • Solay S.A.

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