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Resolving the Hidden Vulnerability in Security Systems
SmartPower Systems

A serious threat is putting many surveillance and access control systems at risk. But this threat doesn’t come from viruses, cyber criminals or stealth intruders.  Instead, it comes from the wall socket where small power fluctuations can take high definition cameras, surveillance equipment, access controls systems and other security equipment temporarily offline and even create gaps in digital recordings. <read more>














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alberAlber delivers the battery monitoring solutions you need. The Alber BDSU-50 delivers new technology and added features with the quality you’ve come to rely on!
• Real time battery monitoring for 12V/16V up to 50 modules in series
• Save time and money by automating the IEEE Recommended Practices for Battery Maintenance and Testing
• Increase reliability with 24x7 data collection, analysis and remote alarm notification


Real Time Data Capture
• Overall String Voltage
• Individual Cell Temperatures (Option)
• Discharge and Float  Currents
• Thermal Runaway Management
• Individual Cell Voltages
• Ambient Temperature
• AC Ripple Current

System Advantages and Features
• New patented DC test verifies the integrity of the entire  battery system.
- Internal Cell Resistance Test (Battery State of Health)
- Intertier Connection Resistance Test
- Mid-String Disconnect Switch Resistance
• No onsite computer is required for  data collection and alarming Multiple remote communication options
• Easily integrates to building management systems
• Manage your battery assets  across multiple sites with the Battery Xplorer Enterprise software
• Self-Calibrating

Expanding Technology for Advanced
Battery Applications & Fuel Cells

Dexmet has taken the “Expanding Technology” to the next generation of advancements, the micro-mesh material manufactured by Dexmet is infinitely variable, and the proprietary equipment developed anddesigned at Dexmet produces expanded material with smaller holes than anyone else and produces material that is thinner than anyone else in our marketplace. The expansion process produces a very consistent product as far as open area, hole size and conductivity.

dexmetDexmet expanded materials are perfect for Advanced Batteries Applications and Fuel Cells, especially where you are using multi stacks of materials and you need consistent conductivity from stack to stack also the expansion process is more cost effective unlike perforated material.

The expansion process allows you to yield higher amounts of material than what you put in, this is especially important when your application requires expensive materials like platinum, niobium, zirconium and titanium.

Blog Contributors Needed for 2015

Battery Power Magazine is looking for knowledgeable professionals in the industry who’d like to contribute to our 2015 online community by writing a blog to be featured on the website and eNewsletter. Contributors can submit as often as they choose (1x, weekly, monthly, etc). Contact Shannon Given for details.

  New Products

C&D Technologies New Pure-Lead Plus Battery Technology
C&D Technologies, Inc., a producer and marketer of standby power batteries, has released its Pure-Lead Plus Battery Technology for the Data Center market. The properties of this battery allow for extended life in elevated temperature environments. <read more>


New IDT Wireless Power Chipset Untethers Tablets and Phablets
Integrated Device Technology, Inc. has introduced a wireless power chipset designed to untether medium-sized electronic devices such as tablets and phablets. Complying with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) medium-power specification for magnetic induction charging, the P9240 transmitter and P9022A receiver operate together to deliver 10 W of power. <read more>


Xtorm Launches Power Pack for iPhone 6 Plus
Xtorm, manufacturer of mobile charging devices, has launched a charger and protective case in one for the iPhone 6 Plus: Xtorm Power Pack for iPhone 6 Plus. <read more>


Ashland Launches Binders for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland, Inc. has launched Bondwell BVH9 carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) binder for the anode, and its PVP K-series polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) polymers as binders for ceramic-coated separators. <read more>


ICCNexergy Introduces Rugged Lithium-Ion 12 Volt Battery for Seismic Exploration
ICCNexergy, Inc. has released its seismic 12 V, 18 Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack solution. The SS-18 battery is a rugged outdoor product that operates effectively in the extreme environmental conditions of the geophysical exploration market. It is well suited for powering wireless nodes, particularly as a direct replacement for applications currently using 12 V Sealed Lead Acid batteries. <read more>

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  Industry News

Panasonic's Lithium Primary Batteries Mounted in the Asteroid Explorer Hayabusa2

Panasonic’s lithium primary batteries have been mounted in the asteroid explorer Hayabusa2 launched on December 3, 2014. Three models of BR series cylindrical-type lithium primary batteries (BR-A, BR-1/2AA, and BR-C) with an extensive shelf life have been mounted this time. <read more>


Corvus Energy Announces Energy Storage System Order for Two New Battery Hybrid Ferries
Corvus Energy, Siemens AS and Scandlines have announced the award of the energy storage system contract for the M/V Berlin and M/V Copenhagen battery hybrid ferries currently being built at the Danish shipyard FAYARD. <read more>


First Standard for Energy Storage Systems Being Developed
Companies looking for an accurate method to gauge how well large batteries and other grid-scale energy storage systems will work are using a new set of evaluation guidelines, called a protocol, that do just that. And now the protocol is being developed into what will become the first-ever standard for measuring and reporting the performance of energy storage systems. <read more>


Event Listings

Critical PowerCritical Power 2015, May 13-14, 2015 at the Milwaukee Convention Center, has announced its preliminary program. The conference and exhibition will highlight the latest advancements in UPS/standby power supply and power quality solutions for industrial, facilities and emergency applications and serve the needs of managers and technical professionals involved in manufacturing, industrial and facility operations where reliable and continuous power is a critical factor.


Participating companies include GE Critical Power, Doosan Fuel Cell America, Fairbanks Morse Engine, Active Power, Blue Pillar, Inc., Canara, Plug Power and Eaton.


Limited speaking slots are still available - Click here for details.

Battery PowerBattery Power 2015 is currently accepting abstracts for its 13th annual event, August 5-6 in Denver, Colorado. The international event is focused on battery packs and cells used in mobile, portable and wearable applications including power tools, smart phones, tablets, laptops and medical devices. Topics will include new battery designs, improving power management, predicting battery life and regulation and safety issues. Other topics include OEM/end user requirements, battery authentication and market trends. The conference provides an excellent forum to discuss new developments in technology, market conditions and end-user requirements that are driving innovation, capabilities and features, application trends and performance improvements.


Click Here for Details




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