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November 2014


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White Paper


Various Factors Impacting a Battery Systems' Potential Post Seal Leaks
There are many factors to consider in the design and construction of a flooded lead acid battery. As with any product, key design features to eliminate problems are a top priority from one design generation to the next. Continuous effort to identify and control problems in long service life products is a challenge. <read more>









Critical Power


Critical Power


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Battery and Capacitor Replacement Keeps Backup Power Equipment in Good Health

Scott Baer, Marketing Manager-Batteries • Emerson Network Power, Liebert Services

Under the best of conditions, all batteries have a limited life expectancy, dictated by the frequency of battery discharge and recharge. Valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries with a five-year design life start to lose capacity or fail within three to five years, and this aging process can be accelerated by any number of factors, including high or improper ambient temperatures, high or low charge voltage, overcharging and over cycling, loose connections and strained battery terminals. <read more>




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Expanding Technology for Advanced
Battery Applications & Fuel Cells

Dexmet has taken the “Expanding Technology” to the next generation of advancements, the micro-mesh material manufactured by Dexmet is infinitely variable, and the proprietary equipment developed anddesigned at Dexmet produces expanded material with smaller holes than anyone else and produces material that is thinner than anyone else in our marketplace. The expansion process produces a very consistent product as far as open area, hole size and conductivity.

dexmetDexmet expanded materials are perfect for Advanced Batteries Applications and Fuel Cells, especially where you are using multi stacks of materials and you need consistent conductivity from stack to stack also the expansion process is more cost effective unlike perforated material.

The expansion process allows you to yield higher amounts of material than what you put in, this is especially important when your application requires expensive materials like platinum, niobium, zirconium and titanium.

Alber delivers the battery monitoring solutions you need. The Alber BDSU-50 delivers new technology and added features with the quality you’ve come to rely on!
• Real time battery monitoring for 12V/16V up to 50 modules in series
• Save time and money by automating the IEEE Recommended Practices for Battery Maintenance and Testing
• Increase reliability with 24x7 data collection, analysis and remote alarm notification


alberReal Time Data Capture
• Overall String Voltage
• Individual Cell Temperatures (Option)
• Discharge and Float  Currents
• Thermal Runaway Management
• Individual Cell Voltages
• Ambient Temperature
• AC Ripple Current

System Advantages and Features
• New patented DC test verifies the integrity of the entire  battery system.
- Internal Cell Resistance Test (Battery State of Health)
- Intertier Connection Resistance Test
- Mid-String Disconnect Switch Resistance
• No onsite computer is required for  data collection and alarming Multiple remote communication options
• Easily integrates to building management systems
• Manage your battery assets  across multiple sites with the Battery Xplorer Enterprise software
• Self-Calibrating

Free Live Webinar: Battery Testing with Calorimetry
December 9, 2014: 3:00 AM (EST) and 11:00 AM (EST)

Rechargeable batteries or accumulators are now being used in many day-to-day applications such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops or wireless devices. In developing these energy storage units, special attention must be paid to safety.

Join our upcoming NETZSCH webinar and learn about the possibilities for the caloric investigation of entire batteries. This includes cell charge and discharge cycles, exposure to increases in surrounding temperature, and penetration of the cell (nail test).
Important information can thereby be obtained for the safety-related evaluation of different cell types during development as well as of commercial cells.

The webinar is presented by an expert in the field of battery testing by thermal analysis. All participants have the chance to ask their own specific questions, which will be answered in the course of the webinar.


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Job Listing

Critical PowerDirector, Product Development and Engineering
Greatbatch, Inc. is looking to hire a Director, Product Development and Engineering. The primary purpose of this position is to direct all activities of an engineering department. Implements strategies (with input) related to the introduction of new products and existing products ensuring implementation is under time and resource budgets. Assists with the development and implementation of technical marketing strategy. Sets goals and objectives related to satisfying customer requirements. Provides oversight and leadership for team, technology road map, and initiatives. <read more>

  New Products

Dreamweaver International Launches Line of Nanofiber Separators for Supercapacitors
Dreamweaver International is launching a line of nanofiber based separator materials for supercapacitors. <read more>


Victron Energy Launches Battery Balancer
Victron Energy, a Dutch power solutions provider, has launched its new battery balancer. Not all batteries are created equal, and when multiple batteries are combined to create one large battery bank, the small differences between the batteries can cause problems that substantially shorten the life time. <read more>


2.7V-60V Input, 250mA Linear Battery Charger Features Multi-Chemistry Operation
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LTC4079, a 60V, constant-current/constant-voltage 250 mA multi-chemistry battery charger. <read more>

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Batteries ChargingICs & Semiconductors ComponentsTesting

  Industry News

Revenue from Materials for Advanced Batteries is Expected to Reach $19.3 Billion Annually by 2023
A new report from Navigant Research examines the global materials supply chain of the advanced batteries industry, including global market forecasts for the capacity, shipments and revenue for key raw materials inputs for advanced batteries through 2023. <read more>


First-Ever Self-Service, Fully Automated Network of Untethered Mobile Charging Kiosks Launches Pilot
MobileQubes, the first rent and return full-service network of cord-free mobile charging kiosks, launches its pilot phase this week in New Orleans. <read more>


Clariant Divests its Energy Storage Business to Johnson Matthey
Clariant, a world provider in specialty chemicals, has agreed to divest its Business Line Energy Storage to Johnson Matthey Plc. The total consideration of the sale amounts to  $75 million at closing, which is expected early 2015. <read more>




Event Listings

Critical PowerCritical Power 2015, May 13-14, 2015 at the Milwaukee Convention Center, has announced its preliminary program. The conference and exhibition will highlight the latest advancements in UPS/standby power supply and power quality solutions for industrial, facilities and emergency applications and serve the needs of managers and technical professionals involved in manufacturing, industrial and facility operations where reliable and continuous power is a critical factor.


Sessions Include:

Fuel Cells: Critical and Clean Power
Emergency Backup Power Systems for Nuclear Power Plants
Using Innovation in Design to Meet Customers’ Infrastructure Needs

Navigating the Shift Toward Centralized Facilities Management

Integrating Standby and Continuous On-Site Generation
How Battery Monitoring Technology can Increase Reliability and Become an Essential Asset Management Tool  
Commercially Viable Fuel Cell Telecom Backup Power Solutions
Resilient Power Architectures for Critical Power
Improving Medium Voltage Equipment Longevity by Measuring and Abating Commonly Occurring Transient Overvoltages
Emergency Power System Design Considerations


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PlugVolt February 2015 Battery Seminar

February 10-11

Detroit, Mich


alberYou’re invited to an exciting, two-day Battery Seminar on February 10 & 11, 2015 in Metro Detroit (Michigan, USA). Enjoy informal discussions, interactive Q&As, an exclusive guided Intertek battery test facility tour with cocktails reception, complimentary meals, networking, and much more. This unique event includes several technical deep-dive sessions on Day 1 by an independent, unbiased industry veteran electro-chemist. His presentations will be well complemented on Day 2 with guest speakers from AVL, Bosch, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Intertek, JCI, LG Chem, Magna Steyr,Navigant Research, Sakti3, Valeo, Xalt Energy and many more. Please visit www.plugvolt.com today for more details.


DeviceTech 2015
April 15-16
Chicago, Ill.



Market demands are calling for profound advancements in system intelligence, smaller
size, low power design, connectivity, mobile applications and ergonomics to make
devices that are smarter, longer lasting and more connected. DeviceTech will explore the
strategies, solutions and technologies that product developers can employ to improve
their existing products and create their next generation. It will consist of two full days of
educational sessions along with an exhibition showcasing solutions in:

Connectivity • Wireless Charging & Power • Advanced Power Sources • Security
Motion Sensing, Orientation, Tracking/Location • Display & Lighting • MEMS
Advanced Materials • Certification & Testing • System Intelligence



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