October 2014


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Battery Management With an Intelligent Battery Sensor is Vital to the Success of Future Automotive Designs

Christopher Lohmeier, R&D Engineer, Vishay Intertechnology
Tom Veik, Sr. Engineering Technician, Vishay Intertechnology

Modern automobiles need to become more efficient to comply with future fuel economy standards. Much of this efficiency can be, and has been, gained with innovations that depend on the vehicle's electrical system. Technological innovations such as stop-start, drive-by-wire, and brake-by-wire systems are just a few of these improvements. All of these new technologies, however, have one major downside in that they rely on the one component of the electrical system that has not seen much innovation since the 1950s, the lead-acid battery. <read more>


Batteries: An Integrated Solution

Jennifer Eirich, Marketing Manager, Utilities, EnerSys

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), growth in peak demand for electricity in the US has exceeded transmission growth by almost 25 percent every year since 1982.1 Today's utilities are now being challenged to manage increasing consumption with an aging and already compromised infrastructure, congested transmission lines and greater reliance on renewable resources. <read more>






Critical Power

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Powering the Internet of Us
Igor Bimbaud, Director, New Energies, STMicroelectronics

With the Internet of Things predicted to reach at least 24 billion devices by 2020, one outstanding question is how to power all these devices connected to the cloud, and ultimately to us. Some of these devices will be directly connected to our homes’ electric lines, the long promoted Internet-connected refrigerator comes to mind. But many other devices will be portable or wearable and flexible, which, in addition to presenting power challenges, significantly restricts form factor and increases design limitations. This is particularly true of the new generation of wearable devices, which need to be fashionable as well as functional. <read more>




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Expanding Technology for Advanced Battery Applications & Fuel Cells

Dexmet has taken the “Expanding Technology” to the next generation of advancements, the micro-mesh material manufactured by Dexmet is infinitely variable, and the proprietary equipment developed anddesigned at Dexmet produces expanded material with smaller holes than anyone else and produces material that is thinner than anyone else in our marketplace. The expansion process produces a very consistent product as far as open area, hole size and conductivity.

dexmetDexmet expanded materials are perfect for Advanced Batteries Applications and Fuel Cells, especially where you are using multi stacks of materials and you need consistent conductivity from stack to stack also the expansion process is more cost effective unlike perforated material.

The expansion process allows you to yield higher amounts of material than what you put in, this is especially important when your application requires expensive materials like platinum, niobium, zirconium and titanium.



  New Products

Panasonic Commercializes Small One Pin Shaped Lithium Ion Battery
Panasonic Corp. has developed a Pin Shaped Lithium Ion Battery (CG-320, nominal capacity 13 mAh) with a diameter of 3.5 mm and a weight of 0.6g suitable for powering small devices such as wearable devices. <read more>


Quick Cable Announces a Safe Way to Transport Leaky Batteries
Quick Cable Corp.  has launched its QuickContain Battery Recycling Kit. This kit meets transportation requirements for shipping used, damaged, or leaking batteries. <read more>


Bitrode Unveils High Density IGBT Formation Charger
In conjunction with its parent company, Sovema S.p.A, Bitrode has announced the North American debut of their  High Density (HD) IGBT formation charger. <read more>


720W On-Board Electric Vehicle Lithium Ion Battery Charger
Green Watt Power, a division of Calex Mfg. Co., Inc., has announced the availability of the EVC-116-720.  The EVC-116-720 is a 2 stage constant current/constant voltage charger specifically designed for on-board electric vehicle applications including electric scooters, motorcycles and ATVs.  <read more>


Compact Fuse Allows Faster, Safer, Higher-Wattage Charging of Today’s Smartphones and Tablets
Littelfuse, Inc. has introduced the compact 777 series Fuse to provide protection for higher-wattage wall-mount chargers for battery-powered electronic equipment. <read more>


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  Industry News

Consistent Innovation Secures Future of Global Medical Battery Market
The global medical batteries market is expected to experience sustained growth owing to technological advancements and booming regional demand. Strong potential offered by emerging economies, especially in the Asia-Pacific, will offset the sluggish growth rates in mature markets such as North America and Europe. <read more>


One of the Nation’s Largest, Most Environmentally-Friendly Battery Energy Storage Systems to be Installed at UC San Diego
One of the largest, most environmentally-friendly, battery-based energy storage systems (ESS) in the US will be installed at the University of California, San Diego the campus. The 2.5 megawatt (MW), 5 megawatt-hour (MWh) system, enough to power 2,500 homes, will be integrated into the university’s microgrid, which generates 92 percent of the electricity used on campus annually and is considered one of the world’s most advanced microgrids. <read more>


First Water-Based Nuclear Battery Developed by MU Researcher Can Be Used to Generate Electrical Energy
From cell phones to cars and flashlights, batteries play an important role in everyday life. Scientists and technology companies constantly are seeking ways to improve battery life and efficiency. Now, for the first time using a water-based solution, researchers at the University of Missouri have created a long-lasting and more efficient nuclear battery that could be used for many applications such as a reliable energy source in automobiles and also in complicated applications such as space flight. <read more>




Event Listings

September 28-October 2
Vancouver, Canada


alberINTELEC 2014 announces updated program information for the 36th annual conference to be held, from September 28 - October 2, at the Vancouver Convention Center in Vancouver.  This year's keynote address will be given by Alex Tang, a consultant on earthquake engineering on lifelines, such as telecommunications and electric power on "Time for Reflection: Telecommunications and Electric Power Resilience.”  In addition, daily plenary sessions from industry leaders Victor Goncalves, P.Eng, FEC (Chief Technology Officer Alpha Technologies Inc) Ewart Blackmore (Senior Research Scientist, TRIUMF) and Bruce Carsten (President, Bruce Carsten Associates) will provide their insights and industry perspectives on hot topics for the entire audience.  For more information including Conference Venue, Technical Program, Exhibition, Social Program and to register, visit www.intelec2014.org/registration.


PlugVolt February 2015 Battery Seminar

February 10-11

Detroit, Mich


alberYou’re invited to an exciting, two-day Battery Seminar on February 10 & 11, 2015 in Metro Detroit (Michigan, USA). Enjoy informal discussions, interactive Q&As, an exclusive guided Intertek battery test facility tour with cocktails reception, complimentary meals, networking, and much more. This unique event includes several technical deep-dive sessions on Day 1 by an independent, unbiased industry veteran electro-chemist. His presentations will be well complemented on Day 2 with guest speakers from AVL, Bosch, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Intertek, JCI, LG Chem, Magna Steyr,Navigant Research, Sakti3, Valeo, Xalt Energy and many more. Please visit www.plugvolt.com today for more details.


DeviceTech 2015
April 15-16
Chicago, Ill.



Market demands are calling for profound advancements in system intelligence, smaller
size, low power design, connectivity, mobile applications and ergonomics to make
devices that are smarter, longer lasting and more connected. DeviceTech will explore the
strategies, solutions and technologies that product developers can employ to improve
their existing products and create their next generation. It will consist of two full days of
educational sessions along with an exhibition showcasing solutions in:

Connectivity • Wireless Charging & Power • Advanced Power Sources • Security
Motion Sensing, Orientation, Tracking/Location • Display & Lighting • MEMS
Advanced Materials • Certification & Testing • System Intelligence


Critical Power 2015
May 13-14
Milwaukee, WI



Critical Power is conference and exhibition on the latest advancements in UPS/standby power supply and power quality solutions for industrial, facilities and emergency applications. The conference will be held May 13-14, 2015 at the Milwaukee Convention Center and serve the needs of managers and technical professionals involved in manufacturing, industrial and facility operations where reliable and continuous power is a critical factor.

• Learn best practices and technical advancements you can apply to your operations.
•  Network with peers and market-leading technical experts.
•  See a comprehensive array of products and services that be applied to your operations.
•  Meet potential business and strategic alliance partners.
•  Attend in-depth workshops and master classes on key technical subjects important to your professional training and certification. 

Markets and applications served will include manufacturing and industrial operations, facilities management, data centers, public safety and emergency services, transportation systems, healthcare, education, government facilities, utilities and infrastructure.

Subjects covered in the program will include choosing the right system and technologies for your requirements, best practices in testing and maintenance, system economics, assessing new and emerging technologies, monitoring for reliability, operations for emergency and disaster scenarios, and case studies of managing power interruptions.


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