October 2013 


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The Lithium Ion Inflection Point

Sam Jaffe, Navigant Research

Rechargeable lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries were first developed as a commercial product by Sony in 1991, to solve a specific problem with the company’s video cameras.  The typical video camera of the time had evolved from a professional beast that sat on the videographer’s shoulder to something that could fit into the palm of the hand, but the nickel cadmium batteries that were available were so large that the devices had an unsightly and hard-to-hold bulge thanks to the bulky battery pack.  <read more>


For a deeper examination of this far-reaching transformation, sign up for and attend the upcoming free webinar from Navigant Research, The Lithium Ion Inflection Point, on November 5, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. EDT.










Highly Accurate Li-Ion Battery Simulation

Mikael Cugnet, French Atomic and Alernative Energy Commission (CEA)

Whether in cell phones, hybrid/electric vehicles or airplanes, batteries have become virtually indispensable to modern life. Traditional means of evaluating battery performance with advanced chemistries such as lithium-ion don’t provide sufficient information to allow researchers to better optimize them. Thus, they are turning to simulation software to get a deeper understanding of what is going on inside the cells, information they can use in the design of batteries that are more reliable and safe. <read more>

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New innovations include the versatile C8000 Advanced Battery Testing System that allows you to optimize batteries at every stage of product life, and the C5100 Battery Testing System that delivers tremendous value to cellular retailers.


Cadex is ISO 9001and ISO13485 (Medical) certified and our products are sold in over 100 countries.

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  New Products

Johnson Controls Launches VARTA Powersports Batteries in North America
Johnson Controls is launching its VARTA AGM powersports battery line in North America. The line-up of powersports batteries are made for active enthusiasts who expect the highest level of performance and durability. <read more>


New Ultra Low Profile Coin Cell Holders Introduced
MPD has invented CR2016 low profile coin cell battery holder. While other CR2016 holder solutions often rise more than 8.5 mm above the PCB, the BLP2016SM-GTR rises 3.1 mm with an installed CR2016. <read more>


Tadiran Develops Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Cells for Remote Wireless Applications
Tadiran Batteries has introduced the TLI series of batteries, a family of long-life rechargeable lithium-ion cells designed specifically for use in harsh environments. <read more>


Advanced Design 9 Volt Battery Straps
Two series of high reliability, pre-wired and cost-effective 9 V battery straps that accommodate 9 V alkaline and 9 V lithium-ion batteries are available from Keystone Electronics Corp. <read more>


The Netzsch High Temperature Coin Cell Module on Multiple Mode Calorimeter (MMC) 274 Nexus
Netzsch Instrument North America, LLC has announced a high temperature coin cell module on MMC 274 Nexus. Coin cells are directly used in many consumer products and they are also a stepping stone in large battery development. Many parameters will influence the performance of rechargeable coin cell including temperature and cycling conditions. <read more>


The EV Charging Station by Poulsen Hybrid
Poulsen Hybrid LLC has introduced its unique, patented Poulsen Power Level 2 EV Charging Station. Unlike competing brands, the Poulsen Power Charging Station eliminates the time and expense of running a dedicated 220 V/240 V line from a building’s power panel to the charging location. <read more>


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  Industry News

Battery Electrode Materials Based on Layered Sodium Titanates
Berkeley Lab researcher Marca Doeff and colleagues have developed a new electrode material based on a layered sodium titanate compound that can be used to form electrodes for large electric grid storage and other rechargeable battery systems. <read more>


US Battery Aids Michigan State Police in an Operation to Apprehend Battery Thieves
US Battery Manufacturing aided the Michigan State Police in apprehending thieves who were stealing deep-cycle batteries from RV dealerships. After more than 80 batteries were stolen from multiple thefts in a single location, the Michigan State Police Technical Service Unit contacted US Battery Manufacturing to assist them with a plan that would help apprehend the suspects responsible. <read more>


Solid-State Battery Developed at CU-Boulder Could Double the Range of Electric Cars
CU’s Technology Transfer Office has completed an agreement with Solid Power LLC, a CU-Boulder spinoff company founded by Se-Hee Lee and Conrad Stoldt, both associate professors of mechanical engineering, for the development and commercialization of a solid-state rechargeable battery. <read more>



Event Listings


BatteryPower2014Seeking Dynamic Speakers

Abstract Submission Deadline is December 5th, 2013

Battery Power 2014 is currently accepting abstracts for its 12th annual event, August 6-7 in Denver, Colorado. The international event is focused on battery packs and cells used in mobile/portable/consumer applications including power tools, smart phones, tablets, laptops and medical devices. Topics will include new battery designs, improving power management, predicting battery life and regulation and safety issues. Other topics include OEM/end user requirements, battery authentication and market trends.


The conference provides an excellent forum to discuss new developments in technology, market conditions and end-user requirements that are driving innovation, capabilities and features, application trends and performance improvements.


Attendees include top executives, technical managers and engineering professionals from original equipment manufacturers, end users and integrators, battery pack and cell manufacturers, and component providers. Full-conference registration fees will be waived for all confirmed speakers.

Click Here for Details on Submitting an Abstract

New to 2014
All sessions will be placed in a Track (see below for Track topics) Each session will be 20 minutes long, with a collective Q&A following the last session of the track. With only three to four sessions per track, it is imperative to submit an abstract before the deadline to ensure your speaking slot.


Tactical Power Sources Summit
January 27-29
Washington, D.C.


IDGA’s 11th Annual Tactical Power Sources Summit will bring together all relevant stakeholders to discuss the most pressing issues facing the mobile power community. Examine future trends, identify immediate and long-term needs, and uncover up-and-coming technologies for use in future threat environments. Policy makers, uniformed service leaders, academia and industry partners will gather in Washington D.C. to network, share best practices and explore potential paths to analyze the future of military energy. Don't miss out on this annual event! Register you and your team today to get the best possible rates


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