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Circuit Protection Approach for High-Rate Discharge Li-Ion Battery Applications

Ty Bowman, Global Battery Market Manager, TE Circuit Protection, a Business Unit of TE Connectivity
In 2010, a metal hybrid PPTC (MHP) technology was introduced to address the rapidly expanding market for high-rate-discharge lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery applications. The MHP arc-less contact technology results in circuit protection devices capable of providing 30 A+ hold currents at voltage ratings over 30 VDC. <read more>











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“Good Vibrations”

Upal Segupta, Staff Applications Engineer, Texas Instruments

The word “resonance” has always been interesting to me, even when I couldn’t provide an accurate definition of it. There are so many different meanings, most of which have some connection to each other. As an electrical engineer, my first reaction at hearing the word now is to think of a tuned LC circuit. <read more>


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Microchip Launches 8-bit Microcontrollers with Integrated Configurable Logic in 6- to 20-pin Packages
The PIC10F(LF)32X and PIC1XF(LF)150X MCUs each feature new peripherals, including Configurable Logic Cells (CLCs), Complementary Waveform Generators (CWGs) and Numerically Controlled Oscillators (NCOs), enabling functionality that was not possible before with low pincount MCUs. These general-purpose MCUs enable designers to enhance the functionality, reduce design size, and decrease the cost and power consumption of products.



The CLC peripherals on the PIC10F(LF)32X and PIC1XF(LF)150X MCUs enable software control of combinational and sequential logic, which increases the on-chip interconnection of peripherals and I/Os, thereby reducing external components, saving code space and adding functionality. The CWG peripheral works with multiple peripherals to generate complementary waveforms with dead-band control and auto shutdown, which provides improved switching efficiencies. Additionally, the NCO peripheral enables linear frequency control and high resolution, which is required for applications such as lighting ballast, tone generation and other resonant control circuits. The MCUs also feature low power consumption, with currents of less than 30 µA/MHz in active mode, and less than 20 nA in sleep; as well as an on-chip 16 MHz internal oscillator, Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), and up to 4 Pulse-Width Modulation peripherals. An integrated temperature-indicator module enables low-cost temperature measurements.


To facilitate application development, the PICDEM Lab Development Kit (part # DM163045, $134.99) now includes samples of both the PIC10F322 and PIC16F1507 MCUs. Additionally, the F1 Evaluation Platform (part # DM164130-1, $39.99) is available for development with enhanced mid-range core 8-bit PIC MCUs, including the PIC1XF(LF)150X family. Also available is a free CLC Configuration Tool, to streamline the setup process of the CLC module by simulating the functionality of the registers and combinational logic in a graphical user interface (GUI).


The PIC10F(LF)320 and PIC10F(LF)322 MCUs are available in a 6-pin SOT-23 package, as well as 8-pin PDIP and 2 mm x 3 mm DFN packages. The PIC12F(LF)1501 MCU will be available in 8-pin PDIP, SOIC, MSOP and 2 mm x 3 mm DFN packages, and the PIC16F(LF)1503 MCU in 14-pin PDIP, SOIC and TSSOP packages, as well as a 3 mm x 3 mm QFN package. The PIC16F(LF)1507 MCU is available in 20-pin SSOP, PDIP, SOIC, and 4 mm x 4 mm QFN packages, as will the PIC16F(LF)1508/9 MCUs, when available. Pricing starts at $0.37 each, in 10,000-unit quantities.

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  New Products


Cabot Launches New Conductive Additive to Enhance Power of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Cabot Corp. has launched the  LITX 200, a new conductive additive for high power lithium-ion battery applications. The lithium-ion battery market continues to evolve as high power and high capacity cells are increasingly utilized in a variety of applications such as electronics, electric vehicles, grid control and renewable energy. <read more>


Portable Charger for 100Ah/12V NiMH Batteries

Absopulse Electronics’ BCP 130-PEL heavy-duty switch-mode battery charger was designed for charging an external 100 Ah/12 V (10, cell) Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery in railway and industrial environments. <read more>


Battery Fuel Gauge IC from STMicroelectronics Gives Reliable Runtimes for Mobile Users
STMicroelectronics has unveiled its latest battery fuel-gauging device featuring innovations that improve long-term accuracy. This chip, the STC3115, can be used in high-volume handheld electronics, and has already been selected by Samsung for some of its recent smartphones. <read more>


Surface-Modified Copper Current Collector for Lithium Ion Battery Anode
A team of Berkeley Lab researchers led by Gao Liu has developed an innovative approach to improve the adhesion of anode laminate to copper current collectors in lithium ion batteries. This nanotechnology directly addresses delamination of graphite anode material from the collectors, a common result of cyclical swelling during charge / recharge operations and a major cause of shortened battery life. <read more>

  Industry News


Polaris Battery Labs and Carestream Tollcoating Form Alliance
Polaris Battery Labs, LLC, a prototyping and process development resource for lithium ion battery products, and Carestream Tollcoating, a  provider of precision contract manufacturing coating services, are joining forces to help customers accelerate the launch of new battery materials and technologies. <read more>


IEC 62133 Edition 2.0 – Archived Battery Webinar Now Available

The newly published IEC 62133 Edition 2.0 “Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes – Safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells, and for batteries made from them, for use in portable applications” will be soon replacing the First Edition. <read more>


World’s First Nationwide EV Charging Network Starts

Estonia has become the world’s first country to launch a nationwide fast-charging network for electric vehicles, using technology provided by ABB. <read more>





Event Listings



Final Program Announced

vJoin hundreds of design engineer, OEMs and battery manufacturers at Battery Power 2013, June 6-7 in Denver, Colo. This years event is focused on the latest developments impacting portable batteries used in consumer electronics, medical and military applications. Topics will include new battery designs and materials, wireless power, power management, charging and testing systems, safety and regulations, as well as the latest market trends affecting the industry. The sessions will be broken down into two tracks: one dedicated to the interests of battery manufacturers and suppliers and the other track dedicated to the interests of OEMs and end-users.

Keynote and Featured Presentations Include:

MIPI Alliance Specification for Battery Interface
Pekka Leinonen, Director, Nokia

From Processor to Power: The Copernican Moment for Portable Devices
Sam Jaffe, Senior Research Analyst - Energy, Pike Research

Battery Power Mergers & Acquisitions Market Update
Scott Mulcahy, Managing Director, XMS Capital Partners


How Shippers of Lithium Batteries and Equipment Can Avoid Delays with New Air Transportation Requirements
Bob Richard, VP of Government Affairs, Labelmaster Services


Wireless Power Panel
George Gerwe, Director of Business Development, RRC power solutions, Inc.
Tim Shafer, Sr. Director of Marketing, Inductors Division, Vishay
Bill  Von Novak, Principal Engineer, Qualcomm

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May 6-8
Orlando, Fla

The Battcon Stationary Battery Conference, the premier conference for battery end-users and offers the unique opportunity for meeting others focused on the same industry concerns as you are. And at Battcon, you'll:

  • Experience industry-specific education and networking.
  • Get the latest breaking news. Our call for papers runs through February. Presenting a paper is the best way to share your knowledge with your colleagues.
  • Sign up for an optional battery seminars to strengthen existing skills or learn of the latest advancements.
  • Listen to presentations by the leading authorities in the field.
  • Network with others in the battery community.
  • Ask questions, exchange ideas and solutions, and get answers.


Attending Battcon could save your company money! Learning of a new development or product could result in a far more efficient way of performing a task. In addition, the all-inclusive price, which includes the conference, trade show, hotel and meals, is a great "no surprise expenses" bonus.


CTIA 2013—THE Mobile Marketplace
May 21-23, 2013
CTIALas Vegas, Nevada

CTIA has been leading the mobile industry since 1984 and ONLY CTIA can convene the entire mobile ecosystem under one roof, illuminating the future by showcasing the leaders, ideas and experiences transforming our dynamic industry. 40,000 of the best and brightest mobile minds will experience CTIA 2013. Will you? Register now!



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