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So You’ve Been Placed on Notice…Now What?
Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries have received much attention in recent years by the public at large but also by fire investigators and forensic engineers. This attention is primarily due to product recalls and exothermic battery failures caught on video and posted to the Internet. Due to this heightened awareness of battery volatility, entities that manufacture, distribute or sell batteries are being placed on notice of fire losses with much more frequency in the last few years. more










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Power System Design: Almost (But Not Quite) “Plug and Play”

Some years ago, we started saying the phrase “plug and play” to describe anything that was easy to use. Compared to the good old days, many of today’s complex devices are substantially easier to set up, configure and start using than previously more.


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IEC 62133 Edition 2.0 – Free Battery Webinar

The newly published IEC 62133 Edition 2.0 “Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes – Safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells, and for batteries made from them, for use in portable applications” will be soon replacing the First Edition.

Laurie Florence, UL principal engineer, who is a member of IEC SC21A WG 4 responsible for the development of IEC 62133 and a project team leader for IEC 62133 Edition 3.0, will walk you through the key differences between the First and Second Edition as well as the related impacts to battery and battery operated device manufacturers in a 1-hour webinar.   At the end of the webinar, we will have a Q&A session in which Laurie will answer questions from audience.

Who should attend:

  • Battery Manufacturers
  • Battery Operated Device Manufacturers
  • Product Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Professionals from R&D and Compliance Divisions

When:                   March 5th, 11:00 a.m. CST
             Laurie Florence, principal engineer, UL



CadexCadex Electronics, Inc. is an established global leader in battery management products. With 30 years of experience developing and commercializing technologies for testing and servicing batteries, Cadex has delivered solutions to many of the world’s largest companies in radio and cellular communications, medical devices, portable computing, and aviation.


New innovations include the versatile C8000 Advanced Battery Testing System that allows you to optimize batteries at every stage of product life, and the C5100 Battery Testing System that delivers tremendous value to cellular retailers.


Cadex is ISO 9001and ISO13485 (Medical) certified and our products are sold in over 100 countries.

Cadex Electronics Inc.
22000 Fraserwood Way • Richmond, BC V6W1J6 Canada
Contact: Sales • 604-231-7777 •


Alber Delivers New Battery Monitoring Solutions
The Universal Xplorer Battery Monitor (UXTM) is a real time battery monitor designed for use in telecommunications or in DC powered data centers. The UXTM lets you automate the IEEE recommended practices for battery maintenance and testing. The system can monitor up to four strings in parallel. Its robust design will monitor any 24V to 48V battery configuration. Multiple remote communications and alarm options let you stay connected with Web enabled technology.
Monitor Critical Parameters Real Time

  • Overall string voltage.
  • Individual cell/block voltages.
  • Individual cell/block temperatures.
  • Ambient temperature.
  • Discharge, float and ripple current.
  • Records and stores discharge events.

Proactive Battery State of Health Testing

  • Tests the entire battery systems integrity.
  • Internal cell/block resistance test.
  • Intercell and intertier connection resistance test.

Stand Alone System
The Universal Xplorer Battery Monitor is a stand alone system. No on-site computer is required for monitoring and alarming. It easily integrates to building management systems and features an embedded Web server with priority email scheduler, 7x24 data collection, analysis, and remote alarm notification.
Alber is about integrity, reliability and product innovation. It is our experience and proven technology that makes the difference between unexpected failure and continued success!


For more information, please contact as or visit



  New Products

Microchip Launches 8-bit Microcontrollers with Integrated Configurable Logic in 6- to 20-pin Packages
The PIC10F(LF)32X and PIC1XF(LF)150X MCUs each feature new peripherals, including Configurable Logic Cells (CLCs), Complementary Waveform Generators (CWGs) and Numerically Controlled Oscillators (NCOs), enabling functionality that was not possible before with low pincount MCUs. These general-purpose MCUs enable designers to enhance the functionality, reduce design size, and decrease the cost and power consumption of more


DreamWeaver Gold Separator is Designed for Improved Safety in Large Format Lithium Ion Batteries
Dreamweaver International’s  DreamWeaver Gold battery separator combines microfibers and nanofibers in a porous substrate that has very high temperature stability without significant thermal shrinkage up to 300°C. more


Lithium-Ion Battery Charge Controller IC with Support For Large-Current Rapid Charging

Renesas Electronics Corp. has developed of the R2A20057BM Li-Ion battery charge controller IC for mobile devices employing one cell Li-Ion batteries, such as digital still cameras and smartphones. more


CR2032 Off Board Mounting Battery Holders
MPD has invented a new category of lithium coin cell battery holders for the “off board” mounting of lithium coin cell batteries. Designers now have the flexibility to locate lithium coin cell batteries anywhere there is physical room. more


Anton/Bauer MPS DIONIC 270 Battery for Hotswap Systems

Anton/Bauer MPS has announced that its DIONIC 270 battery, which has received UL 2054 certification, is now shipping.  The 270 Wh Li-Ion battery is a high-performing swappable battery, delivering up to 10 amps of power by utilizing components originally designed for military operations. more

  Industry News

Netzsch and NREL Announce Partnership for Rapid Development of Li-Ion Battery Testing Instrumentation
Netzsch Instruments North America, LLC and the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have formed joint collaboration to develop an instrument designed to test the performance and safety of Large Format Li-Ion Batteries (LFLIB) used extensively in electric vehicles, airplanes, military application, as well as stationary power back-up and storage applications. more

Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles Will Reach $22 Billion in Annual Market Value by 2020
In recent years, the lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery industry has taken a number of steps forward. The technology continues to improve, leading battery cell manufacturers have built new factories that incorporate advanced production techniques, and automakers have greatly increased their research and development (R&D) efforts on plug-in electric vehicles (EVs). more


GTS and RGIS Launch Battery Test & Replace Service for Mobile Devices
Global Technology Systems, Inc. (GTS), a provider in battery power for the mobile workforce, together with RGIS, LLC, an independent field auditing and testing services, has introduced a Battery Test & Replace more



Event Listings



BatterypowerBattery Power 2013 Preliminary Program Announced
A Few Speaking Slots Still Available

Battery Power 2013, June 6-7 in Denver, Colo., will feature presentations on the latest developments impacting portable batteries used in consumer electronics, medical and military applications.Topics will include new battery designs, emerging technologies, battery materials, power management, charging and testing systems, battery health, as well as the latest market trends affecting the industry.

Register by April 18th for the Early Discounted Rate

More than 20 sessions announced including:

  • Wireless Power Panel
    George Gerwe, Director of Business Development, RRC power solutions, Inc.
    Tim Shafer, Sr. Director of Marketing, Inductors Division – Vishay
    Bill Von Novak Principal Engineer, Qualcomm

  • Battery Power Mergers & Acquisitions Market Update
    Scott Mulcahy, Managing Director, XMS Capital Partners

  • Extended Producer Responsibility: The EU Battery Directive Goes Global
    Ofira Varga, Senior Consultant, 1WEEE Services GmbH

  • Cutting the Cord: Case Studies in Choosing a Battery Architecture to Satisfy Product and Safety Requirements
    Ryan Striker, Senior Electrical Engineer, Logic PD

  • Finding an Independent Third Party Battery Testing Laboratory
    Tom O’Hara, Global Business Manager, Intertek

  • Choosing the Right Lithium Ion Cell for Your Battery Pack
    Carl Gallenson, VP of Engineering, iTECH

  • High Efficiency Fast Charging Battery Charger Designs
    Jinrong Qian, Product Line Manager, Texas Instruments







March 11-15
Las Vegas, Nev.


IWCE Connects the Working World to Mobile Voice, Video and Data Solutions
IWCE, taking place March 11-15 (Exhibits: March 13-14), is the authoritative annual event for communications technology in the working world. Over 7,500 technology buyers from a diverse group of industry professionals from government, public safety, transportation, utilities and other enterprises gather together at IWCE to see the latest in effective and efficient wireless communications systems. The tradeshow features over 330 of the top manufacturers showcasing the latest in communications technology, and the conference program features an impressive lineup of the most influential industry leaders presenting on next-generation networks, spectrum utilization, emerging technologies, regulatory issues, smart cities, infrastructure and interoperability.    More details can be found at



March 17-21
Long Beach, Calif.


As The Premier Event in Applied Power Electronics, APEC focuses on the practical and applied aspects of the power electronics business. This is not just a designer's conference; APEC has something of interest for anyone involved in power electronics:

  • Equipment OEMs that use power supplies and dc-dc converters in their equipment

  • Designers of power supplies, dc-dc converters, motor drives, uninterruptable power supplies, inverters and any other power electronic circuits, equipment and systems

  • Manufacturers and suppliers of components and assemblies used in power electronics

  • Manufacturing, quality and test engineers involved with power electronics equipment

  • Marketing, sales and anyone involved in the business of power electronics

  • Compliance engineers testing and qualifying power electronics equipment or equipment that uses power

battconThe Battcon Stationary Battery Conference, the premier conference for battery end-users and offers the unique opportunity for meeting others focused on the same industry concerns as you are. And at Battcon, you'll…

  • Experience industry-specific education and networking.
  • Get the latest breaking news. Our call for papers runs through February. Presenting a paper is the best way to share your knowledge with your colleagues.
  • Sign up for an optional battery seminars to strengthen existing skills or learn of the latest advancements.
  • Listen to presentations by the leading authorities in the field.
  • Network with others in the battery community.
  • Ask questions, exchange ideas and solutions, and get answers.


Attending Battcon could save your company money! Learning of a new development or product could result in a far more efficient way of performing a task. In addition, the all-inclusive price, which includes the conference, trade show, hotel and meals, is a great "no surprise expenses" bonus.



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