Sorting Busbar Choices for Electric Vehicle Power Distribution

Dominik Pawlik, Technical Marketing Manager
Rogers Corp., Power Electronics Solutions (PES)

Interest in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) is growing steadily as battery technologies improve and the driving range of such vehicles increases. Perhaps as important, EVs/HEVs offer a “green” alternative to traditional vehicles powered by internal-combustion gasoline engines. MORE

Protecting Lithium Batteries and Battery Packs from Runaway Thermal Events

BS&B Safety Systems

The market for lithium batteries and battery packs is booming.  With extensive applications in automotive, IT, aerospace, consumer electronics and a myriad of industrial sectors, the usage of rechargeable lithium batteries is growing throughout the world.  The market for lithium-ion batteries alone is expected to exceed $30 billion in the next few years. MORE

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